Executive Council

The SEARCC Executive Council consists of presidents or representatives of full member organisations.

The Executive Council meets twice a year. At least one of these meetings is in the country in which the forthcoming regional conference will be held.

The President of SEARCC is elected at the end of each SEARCC Conference and serves in that role until the end of the next SEARCC Conference.

The Secretary General of SEARCC is the head of SEARCC Secretariat, performing the role of a diplomat, an advocate and a CEO.

Secretary General

Mr. Yohan Ramasundara

yohan-ramasundaraYohan is an experienced executive with a strong track record of high achievement of business outcomes leading high-performing teams in private, public and not-for-profit sectors for over fifteen years. Yohan is currently the Innovation Manager for Austrade International Operations, based in San Francisco Bay Area in the USA. Previously he was the Head of Governance at the Australian Federal Government agency administering intellectual property rights and National Manager of Assurance Services at Ecowise Environmental, Australia’s largest provider of integrated environmental consulting services at the time.
Yohan is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and has over 10 years’ experience as a director of global organisations. He is the Secretary General of SEARCC and the Vice President of the Australian Computer Society (ACS). Yohan is also an international Cricket umpire. A graduate of University of Canberra, with Information Communication Technology (ICT), accounting and finance qualifications, he is also the recipient of the prestigious University of Canberra gold leadership award at the 2005 Blues & Leadership awards for his sporting achievements. He is currently authoring a children’s story book in his spare time.

Email: sg@searcc.org

Mob:  +1 415 696 6292 (USA) and  +61 414 672 161 (Aus)



Past Secretary Generals

2002 – 2012    Yasa Karunaratne (Sri Lanka)

1978 – 2002   Robert Iau (Singapore)



Dr Nick Tate

Nick TateDr Nick Tate is an Author, CEO, Company Director and Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland (UQ). He has over 40 years’ experience in IT including 16 years at CIO level in two London banks and at UQ, as well as 17 years’ experience as a Company Director in 11 Australian and 2 US companies. He is also a founding faculty member of the African Leadership Institute (ALI). He was National President of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) in 2012/2013. He was the Director of the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCERT) from 1999 to 2010 and was Chair of the Council of Australasian University Directors of IT (CAUDIT) for 4 years. In 2010, he chaired the World Computer Congress.

He has a PhD in Cybersecurity and is co-author of “A Director’s Guide to Governing Information Technology and Cybersecurity”, a book published recently by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). In 1990, Dr Tate was Head of IT for the United Bank of Kuwait in London during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in the first Gulf war. During this time, the bank’s shareholders were overrun by an invading army, there was a run on the bank and there was an overnight abolition of the Kuwaiti Dinar which was the bank’s main currency of account. This provided an early grounding in many useful techniques for disaster management in IT and Cybersecurity.

His career has included 20 years with investment/commercial banks including 18 years in London and 2 years at Macquarie Bank in Sydney where he had responsibility for Global IT infrastructure. He has also spent over 15 years working with universities and research organisations and 3 years working on advanced missile systems. He recently directed the $50 million Australian Government funded Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) project, which developed and deployed one of the largest data clouds in Australia, to store research data from universities and other research groups.


Past Presidents 

2017-18      Yasas V. Abeywickrama (Sri Lanka)

2015-17       Nick Tate (Australia)

2014-15       Dayan Rajapakse (Sri Lanka) [2014 December – 2015 October 2015]

2013-14       Ajith Salgado (Sri Lanka) [2014 May – 2014 December]

2013-14       Mahesh Perera (Sri Lanka) [2013 October – 2014 May]

2012-13       Nick Tate (Australia)

2011-12       Satish Babu (India) [2012 April – 2012 October]

2011-12       M D Agrawal (India) [2011 December – 2012 March]

2010-11      Anthony Wong (Australia)

2008-10     Krishan K. Aggarwal (India)

2007-08     Prof Srisakdi Charmonman (Thailand)

2006-07     Dinesh Sattrukalsinghe (Sri Lanka)

2005-06     Richard Hogg (Australia)

2004-05     Dr Raja Malik Mohamed (Malaysia)

2001-03     Ms  Gillian Reid (New Zealand)

2000-01     Gus Lagman (Philippines)

99-2000     Alex Siow (Singapore)

1998-99     Prins Ralston (Australia)

1997-98     S.Ramani (India)

1996-97     Thavisakdi Thangsuphanich (Thailand)

1995-96     Yasa Karunaratne (Sri Lanka)

1994-95     Ahmed Allauddin (Pakistan)

1993-94     K.T.Yung (Hong Kong)

1992-93     Prof Lee Poh Aun (Malaysia)

1991-92     Jafar Basri (Indonisia )

1990-91     Ms C Octaviano (Philippines)

1989-90     Wee Tew Lim (Singapore)

1988-89     F.C.Kohli  (India)

1986-88     Dr  B. Binson (Thailand)

1984-86     Richard Li (Hong Kong)


searcc is a confederation of IT and technology professional associations. Our members represent more than 200,000 IT and technology professionals across South East Asian economies.

Our commitment is to:

We also assist our members with advocacy support to their domestic economies, government and industry.
To become part of our regional community, contact us via eo@searcc.org

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