Regional Conferences

robot_hand SEARCC focused on the organizing of biennial conferences in the region, it the organization first decade of operation.
Between 1976 and 1988 a total of 7 regional conferences were held.
From 1988 SEARCC began to hold conferences annually. These conferences have become the high points for information technology professionals in the region.



At every SEARCC conference an exhibition of information technology products and services is held. The exhibition showcases the latest and most relevant technologies for the host county and the region, it is strongly supported by local and multi-national vendors.


Regional Schools’ Software Competition and Micromouse Competition

SEARCC initially instituted a regional schools software competition in 1989 to foster the development of computer skills among children below the age of 17 in the region. This competition is held in conjunction with a SEARCC conference and is run under a set of international competition rules.

The competition also provides opportunities for participants to acquire a deeper understanding of the culture, life-style and aspirations of their peers which will contribute to a better understanding therefore leading to the creation of stronger relationships for future generations.
In the recent years SEARCC has instituted a Micromouse Competition which requires participants to program small robots to find their way through a maze in the shortest possible time. Teams of two students under the age of 23 are eligible to enter this competition.


SEARCC Regional Interest Groups (SRIG’s)

SEARCC began forming SRIG’s in 1990 in order to provide a more focused approach to technology utilization.
To date the following SRIG’s have been formed:
– Education and Training
– Telecommunications
– Health
– Agriculture
– Manufacturing
– Banking and Finance
– Asian languages and Management systems
SEARCC looks forward to forming more SRIG’s in the future.


IFIP Technical Committees and Work Groups

SEARCC began to be represented in IFIP technical committees and work groups in 2004.
This was in an effort to provide opportunities for experts in specialized areas to work with a wider groups of experts from around the world. This activity virtually replaces the SRIGs within SEARCC.

searcc is a confederation of IT and technology professional associations. Our members represent more than 200,000 IT and technology professionals across South East Asian economies.

Our commitment is to:

We also assist our members with advocacy support to their domestic economies, government and industry.
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