Member Economies

SEARCC has been a well regarded internationally for over 35 years through it’s links to computer societies, ICT institutes throughout the region and it’s members.
Members range from India in the north of the region to Australia in the south of the region.
SEARCC understands the contextualization needed for different economies throughout Asia and the Pacific. As a member of IFIP, the United Nations body for ICT, it can provide members with a wide range of partners.


Current Executive Council Member Economies


Australian Computer Society (ACS) joined SEARCC in 1990.

Australia hosted SEARCC Conferences in

·         Darwin in 1998
·         Sydney in 2005
·         Brisbane in 2010
·         Sydney in 2012


South Pacific Computer Society (SPaCS) joined SEARCCC in 2012


Computer Society of India (CSI) joined SEARCC in 1980

India hosted SEARCC Conferences in

·         New Delhi in 1988 & 1997
·         Chennai in 2008
·         Mumbai in 2011


Malaysian National Computer Confederation (MNCC) is a founder member of SEARCC.

Malaysia hosted SEARCC Conferences in

·         Kuala Lampur in the years 1982, 1992 and  2004

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Computer society (PNGCS) joined SEARCC in the year 2010.

Sri Lanka

Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) joined SEARCC in 1986

Sri Lanka hosted the SEARCC Conferences in

·         Colombo in the years 1995, 2006 and in 2013

Republic of China (RoC)

Computer Society of Republic of China (CSROC) joined SEARCC in 1992 .

RoC won the SEARCC international Schools Software Competition in 2010 and 2011

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