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Being a member of SEARCC helps professional organisations in the Asia Pacific region to work together towards common goals in Information and Communication Technology.

To get involved or find out more please contact Yohan Ramasundara, SEARCC Secretary General on +61 414 672 161 or

Current Executive Council Member Economies


Australian Computer Society (ACS) joined SEARCC in 1990. Australia hosted SEARCC Conferences in:


South Pacific Computer Society (SPaCS) joined SEARCCC in 2012.


Computer Society of India (CSI) joined SEARCC in 1980. India hosted SEARCC Conferences in:


Malaysian National Computer Confederation (MNCC) is a founder member of SEARCC. Malaysia hosted SEARCC Conferences in:

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Computer society (PNGCS) joined SEARCC in the year 2010.

Sri Lanka

Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) joined SEARCC in 1986. Sri Lanka hosted the SEARCC Conferences in:

Republic of China (RoC)

Computer Society of Republic of China (CSROC) joined SEARCC in 1992.

searcc is a confederation of IT and technology professional associations. Our members represent more than 200,000 IT and technology professionals across South East Asian economies.

Our commitment is to:

We also assist our members with advocacy support to their domestic economies, government and industry.
To become part of our regional community, contact us via

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