Message from Leon Strous: President of International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)

Dear SEARCC members,

It is a great opportunity for me in my role as president of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) to address the membership of SEARCC in this Newsletter. SEARCC is a highly appreciated associate member of IFIP.

Despite globalisation, many challenges that we face are of national or regional nature. Therefore regional cooperation is an important instrument to share experiences about the same or comparable problems, but also about successes and opportunities. As a global federation, IFIP highly values regional cooperation. National computer societies / societies of informatics professionals are different of nature, history and goals / activities. Also the environments and circumstances in which they have to operate can vary considerably. One size does not fit all. But there are definitely common factors, interests and concerns. I have known about these differences since my first encounter with IFIP, almost twenty years ago. In the past year I had the pleasure of visiting a number of computer societies around the world and these differences became even clearer.

That is why I am pleased that the IFIP Strategy for the next three years is more explicitly showing that we, and by we I mean IFIP and it’s members and technical bodies, distinguish different lines of activities. We don’t have one size but we have something for everyone. The picture shows the different lines of activities but it also shows that these are not stand alone but connected.



Under the pillar of member society oriented activities the intention is to further increase the already good cooperation with our national and regional members. IFIP encourages the establishment of regional bodies where they do not exist yet and is keen on assisting existing regional bodies to strengthen their membership and role in the region. SEARCC has been an associate member of IFIP for many years and is actively involved in many of our technical activities already. I see additional opportunities in the other lines of activities to join efforts and make efficient use of our volunteer resources. In my view both IFIP and SEARCC have an obligation to help their member societies in becoming the national body of ICT professionals with a strong position in their country and the body that is being asked for advise by policy makers in government, industry and academia. Some societies are big and strong enough already and perhaps don’t need help, most are not and do. In my second term as IFIP president, which starts this month, I will put additional emphasis on the contacts and cooperation with members, including the regional ones. I look forward to an increased cooperation with SEARCC, its’ members and also it’s potential members to achieve our mutual goals.

Leon Strous


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