Nominations now open: SEARCC International Awards 2017

The SEARCC International Awards recognise achievements by outstanding individuals in the ICT profession.

About the Awards

SEARCC is proud to announce the 2017 SEARCC International Awards which will be presented at a gala dinner on 13 September 2017 in Colombo Sri Lanka.

There are three categories of individual awards for the 2017 SEARCC International Awards:

Important Dates

Nominations open: 1 June 2017
Nominations close: midnight 3 August 2017
Judging concluded and Finalists Announced: 7 August 2017
Award Presentation: 13 September 2017
All dates and times are expressed in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Nomination fees

To cover the costs of administration, there is a small fee of $195 AUD per nomination. However, each SEARCC member society/association may waive fees for up to 2 nominations per category. This application will not be completed until payment is received or waived.

Selection Criteria

Nominations are a paper submission along with a 1-2 minute video addressing the selection criteria below.

Please forward award nominations to:


ICT Professional of the Year

Excellence in Technical Specialism

What is the nominee’s technical specialty and the level achieved? How has this been reinforced using the generic co-competencies? Describe the nominee’s continuing learning/professional development. The nominator can make the strongest possible case here by referencing the SFIA Framework when answering this question. A copy of the guide can be found at Alternatively, make sure you address the specific areas of technical specialism, the level of responsibility exercised, as well as how these technical skills are supported by influencing skills, level of autonomy, business skills and the ability to navigate complexity.

Impact within the workplace

How has the nominee’s technical specialism positively impacted the workplace?

Impact within the workplace

How has the nominee’s technical specialism positively impacted the workplace?

Advocacy and Ethics

Relate a story about the manner of dealings the nominee, as an ICT professional, has been involved in. Describe how the nominee has earned his/her success, excellence and impact through ethical dealings, being an inspiration and role model, and holding the profession and peers to high standards of ethical conduct


ICT Researcher of the year


What were the research goals? What was the methodology adopted, and what was involved? (Data gathering, innovation, experimentation, evaluation and dissemination). What has been the practical application of the research?


Provide examples of how the research has been received both from peers, industry and other stakeholders. (Citations, publications, conferences, grants and other evidence of being influential and well regarded).


State the outcomes of the research and how the achievement adds to existing knowledge in the nominee’s field. What effect it has it had on your research organisation? How has it affected industry, the community or other stakeholders?

 Future Applications

What are the future possible applications of the research (eg commercialisation, as but one example)?

 Commitment to Research

To provide context of the nominee’s research submission, please list the nominee’s five career-best research outputs.


ICT Educator of the year

Identifying an opportunity and evaluating solutions

Describe the nominee’s career and proximity to the opportunity identified. Did the nominee have to take any risks or go out on a limb to tackle the problem? How did the nominee know this was a problem that was feasible to solve using a technological solution?

What other solution options did the nominee explore (ICT and otherwise)? What made the nominee select the chosen solution? Did the nominee create a business case? What risks were there to success? How were these mitigated or overcome? What was involved in seeking approval and/or funding to proceed?

 Implementation, Management and Validation

How did the nominee resource the project to implement an innovative solution? Talk about the team, budget and any other resources. What role did the nominee play in the implementation, management or validation of the solution? Was there anything else the nominee needed to do to ensure the project was a success like stakeholder engagement, risk management or change management? Did the nominee encounter any issues that he/she had to work around along the way (particularly relating to technical/human-factors risks)?

 High Level of Innovation

Why was the solution innovative? Was it the new use of an existing technology? Was it a new technology (invention) altogether? Did it advance the state of the art? Was (or could it be) a pre-cursor to future products or services? Describe what was innovative, unique, inventive or unusual about the solution. How did the solution involve at least one non-obvious step?


What was the positive impact of the innovative solution? How was this measured? Describe the business before and after, the benefits gained and why the proposed solution worked so well. Were there any lessons learned that would be useful for others next time? (For ICT Higher Education Educator of the Year, the response here should demonstrate positive impact to the lives, careers and success of students and to a lesser extent their higher education provider.)

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